10 Steps to Design an AI Chatbot Personality that Connects

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how to design chatbot

By doing so, businesses can improve the chatbot’s performance, enhance the user experience, and achieve their desired outcomes. Since a chatbot is not a magical solution to all things, you need to focus your work on specific user flows that people can accomplish with your chatbot. A chatbot with an ideal personality that customers love can greatly help enhance customer engagement leading to better satisfaction and loyalty. Thereby, designing a chatbot personality to the needs of the users and that adheres to the brand values leads to engaging interactions with better conversions. Conversational interface design primarily deals with a conversation. Good user experience requires simplicity, intuitive interfaces, and maximal similarity to a natural human conversation.

This will help you ease your way in the process of chatbot designing. Translate your business’ digital personality into that of your conversational UI. The latter, used as click-through CTA for each story, may be quite engaging. The element of unpredictability in your chatbot’s repertoire will prevent boredom and keep your customers interested. Contextualization enables modification of a reply based on a previous request.

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A chatbot UI is mainly an interface for real-time interaction between a human and a bot. So, the first rule to keep in mind is its readability, especially on screens and small screens, as chatbots are deployed on the web. One way to continuously improve the chatbot is to actively seek feedback from users. Businesses can do this by asking users to rate their experience or by sending out surveys.

Designing chatbots requires a big shift in the way designers think about these new interfaces. The best way to track data is by using an analytic platform for chatbots. Analytic platforms and analytic APIs, such as Botanalytics, provide information on how the chatbot was used, where it failed, and how the users interacted with it.

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In brevity, Chatbots are rudimentary computer programs that simulate human conversation, creating a virtual platform that can be used for interaction. These are used for answering simple queries that require one word or single line responses. Chatbot conversations should be bounded to very particular subjects and follow linear conversation flows; we avoid complicated branching paths. We’re not trying to create a general, self-aware artificial intelligence here. Individual bot designers shouldn’t have to account for tricky failure cases. Should they be friendly and simple like Slackbot, or fake yet smart like Facebook M?


Afterward, when the visitor scrolls down to the bottom of the page, another chatbot that collects reviews can pop up. Here, you can design your first chatbot by selecting one of pre-configured goals. But you can’t eat the cookie and have the cookie (but there is an easy trick I’ll share with you in a moment).

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how to design chatbot

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