TCNA Board

Dear Brothers And Sisters,

The Tawheed Center of Novi Association, TCNA, serves the spiritual, religious and communal needs of area Muslims by means of nurturing their faith, upholding their values, and fostering the well-being of the surrounding community through worship, charity, education, outreach, and civic engagement. Our end goal is to build bridges of communication within us and other nations based on moderation and tolerance through the following means:

  • Presenting a simple and correct image of Islam to the world
  • Educating Muslims about the greatness of Islam, the majesty of their creed, the rulings of their religion, the unique station of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), his blessed teachings and exalted standard of character
  • Refuting common misconceptions about Islam by placing it in a correct light and presenting its true essence to non-Muslims;
  • Calling people for noble morality, following in the steps of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him);
  • Paying sufficient attention and care to the affairs of Muslims everywhere, providing them with assistance with regard to faith, worship and behavior, and helping them resolve their problems.
Board Of Trustees

Board Of Trustees

  • Br. Qamaruzzaman
  • Dr. Sayed Nassar
  • Br. Arshad Jaweed
  • Br. Manzur Mustafa
  • Br. Mubashir Fazili
  • Br. Feroz Khan
  • Br. Farouk Naseem
Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

  • Br. Sayeed Syed
  • Dr. Yusuf Qamruzzaman
  • Br Ahmed Mohamed
Committee Members

Committee Members

  • Br Najiul Hussain
  • Br Waqar Saleem
  • Br. Abdul Wahab