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Surah An-Nas Summary:

An-Naas Outline: Mankind, Seek Refuge In God From Evil Of Conspiracies

Surah Al Falaq Summary

Al-Falaq Outline: Daybreak, Seek Refuge In God From Evil Of Creation

Surah Al Ikhlas Summary

Al-Ikhlas Outline: Sincere Pure Religion, Definition Of Monotheism

Surah Lahab Summary

Al-Masad Outline: Palm Fiber & Flame, Woe & Curse Of God On Abu Lahab

Surah An Nasr Summary

An-Nasr Outline: Help. God’s Promise Of Victory To Muhammad Fulfilled

Surah Al Kafiroon Summary

Kafiroon Outline: Disbelievers And Right Attitude Towards Them

Surah Al Kawthar Summary

Al-Kawthar Outline: God’s Promise Of Plenty And Abundance To Muhammad

Surah Al Maaoun Summary

Al-Maun Outline: Assistance, Evil Doing And Not Caring About Others

Surah Al Quraish Summary

Quraysh Outline: Brief Account Of God’s Blessings On Quraysh Tribe

Surah Al Feel Summary

Al-Feel Outline: God, Companions of the Elephants, Flocks of Birds

Surah Al Humazah Summary

Al-Humazah Outline: Woe To Every Slanderer And Backbiter

Surah Al Asr Summary

Al-Asr Outline: The Time, Man Is In Loss. Regret Of Past Fear Of Future

Surah At Takathur Summary

Al-Takathur Outline: Worldly Competition Made Us Forget About Hereafter

Surah Al Qariah Summary

Al-Qariah Outline: Striking Calamity, People Will Be Recompensed

Surah Al Adiyat Summary

Al-Adiyat Outline: The Chargers, Conscious Vs Unconscious Beings

Surah Az Zilzal Summary

Az-Zilzal Outline: The Quake, Even An Atoms Weigh Of Deed Will Be Shown

Surah Al Bayyinah Summary

Al-Bayyinah Outline: Clear Proof, People Divided After Seeing Evidence

Surah Al Qadr Summary

Al-Qadr Outline: Quran Sent In Night Of Decree, Better Than 1000 Months

Surah Al Alaq Summary

Al-Alaq Outline: The Blood Clot, God Created Man & Taught Him By pen

Surah At Teen Summary

At-Teen Outline: The Fig, Man Has Capacities To become Highest Or Lowest

Surah Al Inshirah Summary

Al-Inshirah Outline: Soothing; Reducing Prophet’s Burden

Surah Ad Dhuha Summary

AL-Dhuha Outline: Morning Brightness, Coming Time is better for Prophet

Surah Al Lail Summary

AL-Lail Outline: The Night, God Eases The Way Of Believers In Good

Surah Ash Shams Summary

Ash-Shams Outline: The Sun, God Put In Soul 2 Scopes Of Right And Wrong

Surah Al Balad Summary

Al-Balad Outline: The City, Man Avoid The Difficult Path of Good Deeds

Surah Al Fajr Summary

AL-Fajr Outline: The Dawn, Nations Destroyed For Wrongdoings

Surah Al Ghashiyah Summary

Al-Ghashiyah Outline: Overwhelming, Faces Exhausted & Happy

Surah Al A’la Summary

Al – Ala Outline: The Most High, God Created and Guided Everything

Surah At Tariq Summary

At-Tariq Outline: The Night Comer, Man & His Situation on the Last Day

Surah Al Burooj Summary

Al-Burooj Outline: Constellations, Curse On Companions Of Trench

Surah Al Inshiqaq Summary

Al-Inshiqaq Outline: Rupture, Records Given in Right Hand & Fm Behind

Surah Al Mutaffifin Summary

Mutaffifin Outline: Woe To Defrauders, 2 Registers Sijjin & Illiyin

Surah Al Infitar Summary

Al-Infitar Outline: The Splitting, Judgement Day’s Bliss And Punishment

Surah At Takweer Summary

At-Takwir Outline: The Enfolding, Events On The Day Of Judgment

Surah Abasa Summary

Abasa Outline: He Frowned, Preach To The Seeker Of Guidance

Surah An Naziat Summary

An-Naziat Outline: The Snatchers, Doubts On Resurrection & Last Day

Surah An Naba Summary

ِAl-Naba Outline: The Great News, Description of Hell and Paradise

Surah Al Mursalat Summary

Al-Mursalat Outline: Those Sent Forth, Description Of The Last Day

Surah Al Insan Summary

Al-Insan Outline: Man, Paradise Description, Kafoor, Zanjabil, Salsabil

Surah Al Qiyamah Summary

Al-Qiyamah Outline: Resurrection In Fine Detail, Even Same Finger Tips