How To Become a CPA Without a Degree In Accounting

Generally, CPAs enjoy considerably more job opportunities than non-CPAs, including careers with government agencies, public corporations and private accounting firms. This abundance of opportunities also improves your opportunities for career advancement compared to accountants without the CPA credential. Naturally, if you legally cannot perform a certain task, like filing reports…

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Liquidity ratios

You will be more than happy to work with a company that is loyal to its creditors and deliver on time. The receivables turnover ratio tells you how fast a company collects money from its customers. A high receivables turnover ratio means that the company is managing its receivables quickly,…

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Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online

•Full responsibility for the accounting, financial and tax reporting, month-end and year-end period closing, bookkeeping, cash flow forecast under the current legislation and the Group policy. • Coordination, management and control of all financial activities and processes in the company, ensuring that all transactions are timely and accurately reflected in…

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