What is Trello and How To Use It?

We also took advantage of some of the knowledge base resources Trello had to offer. Finally, we took a look at Trello’s more advanced features to accurately evaluate the usefulness of the application across various project types. This is our evaluation of Trello’s features and ease of use as project management software. These cards are best for simple projects that move through a few stages. The cards can be unwieldy for larger projects that have a ton of interlocking pieces, but you can create individual boards for these if needed. Tasks can contain rich information including images and file attachments, plus they can be assigned deadlines and other status tracking data.

  • If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Trello Standard or Premium you may downgrade at any time.
  • By linking cards to financial tools, you’re able to see how the project is impacting your budget and stay up to date on project-related expenses.
  • If you want others to have access to your board, such as other members of your organization, you’ll need to send them an invite.
  • Board Collections are a feature of Premium, which you can read about here.
  • Let the robots do the work—so your team can focus on work that matters.
  • Use Trello’s management boards and roadmap features to simplify complex projects and processes.

Trello is a popular project management application with a visually appealing Kanban-style design. The cards are easy for all team members to read, and it’s a good place to start for project management software. Trello is a well-known project management software with a simple, visual approach to project management.

Cards contain everything you need

Grouping Trello cards together for a single project creates a Trello board. Some prefer just one Trello board to, say, track their event. Others have multiple Trello Boards to manage different projects, such trello instrument as multiple marketing campaigns. Going forward, Trello said users will be able to move cards across different boards in each of the different views, just as is possible with the table view currently.

Any Guest that is on more than one board within the Workspace is considered a Multi-Board Guest and is billed at the same rate as Standard or Premium Workspace members. Trello offers both a non-profit community discount as well as an education discount. Premium or Enterprise administrators can disable commands on behalf of other users, and perform other command maintenance.

Premium Plan

Team organization is made more dynamic, allowing you to add observers to the workspace. Trello is used for project management (PM) and team cross-collaboration. If there is a project that your team is working on with multiple deadlines and stakeholders, PM software like Trello is great for keeping up with everything. Trello is used by teams that need to lay out the tasks and responsibilities in an easy-to-read fashion so they can stay on top of them. The free plan also supports automation that allows you to run up to 250 commands per month.

Now, let’s assume that the team is working on a project to deliver software to a particular client. When your list size grows, it gets difficult to see everything at a glance. To search for what you are looking for, Trello offers a number of useful keyboard shortcuts. Trello lacks live support and training features, but you can still send an email for help. If you do run into an issue with Trello, there is a System Status service that allows you to see if your software is currently down or not functioning properly.


Easily manage users in real-time and control content management permissions with just a few clicks. With 99.99% uptime YoY and industry-leading compliance certifications, you can rest assured we’ll never leave you hanging. Table view does even more, allowing you to organize work across projects and initiatives in a clear, visual table. See how all of the moving parts piece together with Timeline view. From weekly sprints to annual planning, Timeline keeps all tasks on track.

Need to structure information on Trello cards specific to the task at hand? Custom Fields lets you do all that and more— providing process and formality to your workflow to meet your team’s unique needs. Keep everyone accountable and never have to ask “who’s doing that” by adding members to cards for their projects and tasks.

Standard Plan

Rather than having to switch back and forth between tabs, tools, files, or folders, you can drop in external tool links called Smart Links. These links allow you to view, edit, and collaborate on pages from tools like Google Docs, Confluence, and Jira from within Trello. When you can work from one centralized place, you boost productivity, completing tasks on time and ensuring no work gets lost or forgotten. Keep calm and boost productivity with Trello and Jira Work Management—get the best of both worlds when organizing your to-do lists and managing multiple projects.

what is trello

We will answer vital questions, and explain—in detail—how to use Trello. Jira is a project management software that’s particularly useful for software development. While Trello is capable of doing this, users may appreciate the specialized design of Jira for their industry. The Standard plan of Trello comes with everything included in the Free plan, along with unlimited boards, advanced checklists, custom fields and 1,000 Workspace commands. Your unlimited storage is increased from 10MB/file to 250MB/file.

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This was exceptional when communicating with teams that had deep cultural and language differences. Integrate seamlessly with the apps and services your team relies on like Slack, Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, InVision, Jira, and hundreds more. See how businesses have adopted Trello as a vital part of their workflow. Whether you’re a team of 2 or 2,000, Trello’s flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you need. It’s much easier (and more cost-effective) to upgrade a single Workspace to Premium than to have to upgrade multiple Workspaces. Workspaces can be thought of as containers for boards, and all boards must be in a Workspace.

what is trello

If you’re working with large file sizes (such as a design firm passing files back and forth for proofreading), the free version wouldn’t be ideal because of the 10MB file size limit. Upgrading Trello to upload large files means you can also integrate more automations. Trello can also be easily accessed by your mobile phone and you don’t need a lot of technological knowledge to use Trello on a basic level.

What is Trello? What is Trello used for?

While Slack has software integrations and the ability to schedule things like Trello, it is primarily chat software. A card includes all of the pieces of the project, as well as deadlines, so the team can see where it stands. Trello allows Slack as a software integration so a team can view projects and chat at the same time. These two project management tools might seem like they overlap, but the truth is, they can work together in perfect synergy. And since there isn’t a complicated onboarding process, you can take existing Trello and Confluence accounts and cinch them together today. Customize and expand with more features as your teamwork grows.

You can always upgrade to a paid tier later if you decide you need more for your project. Jira Work Management is where you can manage the actual project work, from planning to delivery to reporting. You can create a new project in Jira Work Management, add tasks and subtasks, customize additional project info, then add deadlines and assignees to each action item. From there, you can manage the entire project in Jira Work Management and customize your workflows and automations as needed. Jira Work Management is more suited to manage complex projects with a singular goal and multiple dependencies.

Bring a clearer perspective to all the work happening across a single board in a list format where you can create and edit cards in just a few clicks. Trello’s reporting tool lets you access real-time insights and communicate your team’s progress in a visual and meaningful way. Alongside Trello, Asana and Monday completed IPOs in the past year, at valuations of $4 billion and $7.5 billion, respectively. Other competitors include Workfront (by Adobe for $1.5 billion) and Wrike (by Citrix for $2.25 billion). Microsoft’s task management tool, Planner, is a stronger competitor of Trello.

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